Green Weekender is a passion project I started to help me take some much needed time out of the daily grind.

With my feet firmly on the ground as a professional working in Melbourne, while I love my 9 - 5 (rather 8 - 6, or 8 - 10pm in recent times), I felt myself getting increasingly consumed by screen time, traffic jams, packed peak hour trains and the sometimes overwhelming fast pace of life in the city.

As an alternative to packing it all in, Green Weekender is my attempt to disconnect and recharge by exploring the beautiful open spaces of Victoria, throwing in some interstate or international treats from time to time.

This isn't a travel blog, but rather a curation of places and weekend ideas to inspire anyone to disconnect from the craziness of the modern work week and to get out in the open, breathe in some of that beautiful fresh air and to connect with people and places who soothe the soul.

I hope you enjoy your weekly dose of downtime as much as I have.

Be sure to follow us on Insta via @greenweekender .

G. x